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We have a wide range of batteries to cover all the needs of our customers. From motorcycle, automobile, industrial vehicle or nautical batteries, to more specific applications such as modules for forklifts or deep cycle batteries in GEL or Lithium.

The Tecno-K range of batteries is intended for a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, heavy vehicles, agricultural vehicles and boats.

Faced with the challenge of the electrical needs of modern cars, Tecno-k is committed to a reinforced battery capable of dealing with the most demanding working conditions, offering a quality product at a very low price .

Visit the Tecno-K website to see all the references available in our warehouse


The Hella Protect battery range is specifically designed for vehicles with a Start & Stop system. Only high-performance AGM or EFB batteries are capable of dealing with the increased demands of these vehicles and providing a stable power supply to the vehicle. With this range you can enjoy a top brand battery at an excellent price.

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Exide Technologies, our highest quality commitment, has been active in the battery market for more than 120 years, and is currently one of the world leaders in electrical energy storage solutions thanks to the use of the highest quality standards both in starter batteries and batteries for industrial applications. They have a wide range of services and have the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to position themselves among the world's leading manufacturers.

Among its wide range of batteries you can find:

  • Batteries for Start&Stop vehicles with AGM and EFB technology

  • Conventional starter batteries for any type of vehicle

  • Service batteries with GEL or AGM technology

  • Lead-acid, AGM or Lithium motorcycle batteries

  • Heavy and industrial vehicle batteries

Download the latest Exide prices to see the full range:

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